<AI & Equality >: A Human Rights Toolbox

Project information

  • Category: Thesis
  • Company: Women at the Table
  • University: EPFL
  • Professor: Daniel Gatica-Perez
  • Date: December 2020 - Present
  • Project URL: aiequalitytoolbox.com/
Long abstract presented at OSAI'21: The Culture of Trustworthy AI. Public debate, education, practical learning

A prototype of a practical tool and mindset that captures how human rights fit with designing AI systems. The workshop created in collaboration with Women at the Table, Office of the High Commission for Human Rights programme officer and EPFL aims for the students to:

  • Identify relevance of different biases and importance of intersectionality, gender equality and bias to computer science and engineering / institutional objectives
  • Apply how and when to use use tools and techniques to mitigate bias in AI
  • Evaluate methods to integrate non-discrimination into design, planning and implementation of AI projects